English Language

Gerund and Preposition Exercise
Complete the sentences by using a preposition and the words in brackets. Remember that verbs should be put into the gerund form as they follow a preposition.

1. Stephen decided on chicken instead (order/steak).~of ordering steak
2. I’m interested (watch/film) by Ken Loach.~in watching a film
3. He apologised (be/late).~for being late
4. I certainly can’t blame you (not/want) to come.~for not wanting
5. Magda’s thinking (study/England).~about OR of studying in England
6. We are really very excited (hike/Andes) this coming summer.~about hiking in the Andes
7. Simon isn’t really used (walk/work). ~to walking to work
8. We thanked them (drive/us/home) after the football game. ~for driving us home
9. Could you please tell me who is responsible (accept/applications)? ~for accepting applications
10. I’m sure she has a good reason (not/be/here). ~for not being here


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